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Looking to get more yoga in my day-to-day life, I founditeasy to commit to my classes after I had established some sort of aroutine. With structured and guided lessons once, twice, or evenmultiple times per week, I was then able to develop my own regularroutine and take my commitment to a healthier way of living that onestep further – or in this case, that one stretch further! However, Ifound that when I broke with my routine, for instance, when going awayon summer holidays, then my well-established yoga routine also quicklydisappeared.

Yet it’s only in recent years that I’ve discovered a wayaround this, and here is the secret to success, so to speak. WheneverI’m travelling to a new area, either for business or pleasure, I makeit a priority to find out the professional yoga teachersoperating in the area, and then engage the services of my own personaland professional instructor. It doesn’t matter whether I’m staying at a Los Angeleshotel or acampsite in the south of France, I’ve always managed to find someone.The change of scenery and different instructional approach gives awhole new breath of fresh air to my yoga endeavours, and I’d say I’mcertainly all the richer from my many and now-treasured experiences.

The most memorable place I’ve ever done yoga? It wouldhave tobe a close call between a yoga retreat held just outside of Bryon Bayon the luscious EastCoast of Australia, or several sessions that took place in amind-blowing gym and sauna of a Las Vegas hotel.Whenyou’ve got your own personal and locally-based teacher, there’s theadded benefit of being able to get into it alone, or with a group ofcompanions. From sessions with my husband in the shady garden of a holiday rentalhome inSpain, to a relaxing yet reviving early morning effort beachside withsome friends, there are more ways to get out there are enjoy yoga.