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Vegetarian recipes from the Clare Island retreat Centre

Vegetarian recipes for yogic eating

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  • Courgette,tomatoes and Pesto Soup

  • Mushroom  soup

  • Spicy squash (pumpkin)soup

  • Potatoes and leek soup

  • Beetroot and coconutsoup

  • Nettle soup

Salads and starters

  • Aubergine Raita

  • Avocado SaladGratinée

  • Apple Chutney

  • French beans andcoconut salad

  • Coconut Chutney

  • Pol Sambo

  • Potato and seaweedsalad


  • Bean bourguignon

  • Stuffed courgettes, South Indian style

  • Aloo Gobi (potato andcauliflower curry)

  • Upma/Uppittri(spicy semolina and dahl Indiandish)

  • PotatoCurry /Aalu palya

  • Rottis

  • Kichari (Kichedi)

  • Broken Wheat andVegetables

  • Sri Lankanbeetroot and carrot curry

  • Kerala Vegetable stew

  • Indian Fried Rice(Vagharalo Bhat)

  • Barley with Shitakemushrooms

  • Thai style potatocurry or beans curry

  • Green Lentils withSpinach and Ginger

  • Aubergine StirFry, Japanese style

  • Yogurt Curry


  • Coconut balls

  • Kesari bath

  • Hildegards Heart Cookies

  • Cantaloupe Granita

  • Khessari Batt(Shira)

  • Balinese black ricepudding

  • Stewed Fruit salad

  • Carrot halva

  • Banana fudge




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