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1. Copyright Intellectual property is theft. Sharing knowledge in a cooperative way is the only way forward for mankind. Therefore you are permitted and indeed encouraged to print and download extracts from this site as you see fit. Graphics on this site can be used without permission and modified as you see fit.  Any part of this site may be reproduced or storedon any other web site without permission from the site owner and / orthe copyright holder, as long as an acknowledgement of the source is given on the same page  in the form of a proeminentlinkto either or, in the caseof an article by Christophe Mouze, to 2. Liability The information contained on this site is for general guidance only. You should always take appropriate advice before beginning any new form of exercise. All classical yoga text stress out that yoga as to be learned from a teacher, so if you are a new student we strongly recommend that you seek guidance from a qualified teacher. The Webmaster will not accept any liability for any damage resulting from following any of the practices recommended on this site of any of the advice given through it.
While we take care that teachers listed on that site are properly qualified or have sufficient experience, the fact that a teacher or a centre is listed on this site does not necessarily mean that we recommend them.

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