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Dates and times of full moon and new moon days for 2006, Calendar of Ashtanga moon days for 2006

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Moon days for 2006

Traditionally, no ashtanga yoga practice is done on full moon and new moon days.
In India, days are supposed to start at sunrise, so if new moon is 3.03 am on the 11th, Moon day would be reckoned to be the 10th, and this is how Patthabi Jois works out the Moon days (when he doesn’t teach). However, it makes more sense from an astrological point of view to look at the time of the exact moon phase (given below for the British Isles), and not practice if it is within less than 24 hours of you normal practice time. This is how BNS Iyengar (from Mysore) works out the days when he doesn’t teach. Using this method, with the example above, your moon day is on the 10th if you normally practice in the evening, and on the 11th if you practice in the morning.