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Hints and suggestions for Yoga classes

Danurasana (bow posture)

Some advice before you head off to that yoga class…

  • Do not eat for at least three hours before the class, yoga should not be practiced on a full stomach.

  • Wear clothing that does not restrict movement.

  • If possible, wear clothing that will allow the teacher to see how you are working, i.e. tight fitting cloth (dancewear) or a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

  • Bring a yoga mat (should be non slip), or at least a blanket to lie on, and some warm clothing to put on for relaxation at the end of the class.

  • Be punctual. Arriving late means that you may be missing some important information or exercises, but you may also be disturbing the other students. If you must be late, be as quiet as possible.

  • If possible, take a bath or a shower before and after the class.

  • Inform the teacher if you are menstruating, pregnant, or if you have any health condition, injuries or physical disabilities, so she/he can adjust your yoga session accordingly.

  • Practice between classes. One class a week will bring little benefits, twenty minutes of daily practice can transform your life for the better.