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Awakening the Kundalini, an article by Thomas Ogram

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Awakening the Kundalini

Kundalini is the latent psychic energy drawn from the base of the spine to a point above the crown of the head. Kundalini flows up one, or all three pathways; one through the centre of the spine and two that spiral upwards terminating behind the nose. These two paths or nadis [the sanskrit term] function to guide energy to the brain passing through the endocrine system and the nervous network, activating the six major chakras and terminating above the crown .
The endocrine system deposits various chemicals into the blood, chemicals that strengthen the body and enhance mental and spiritual prowess providing physical and psychic immunity.
The development of the chakras [aspects of the personality and physical self] and the arousal of the kundalini is the ultimate goal of the yogi seeking self knowledge and enlightenment.
Asanas play an important role in the preparation of the yogi mentally and physically for the full force of aroused kundalini.Yoga is believed to have been revealed to humans by avatars[incarnations of god] to assist us in remembering our spiritual nature, and is unequalled as a tool for the development of our full potential and understanding of our selves, and our world.
Aroused kundalini allows the yogi to forever destroy ignorance and free the personality from delusion and darkness, the yogi then experiences his or her essential divinity.
The regular and correct practice of yoga leads to a profound level of self understanding, acute perception, radiant physical health and a wonderful sense of lightness and bliss.
Lets emphasise correct practice.
Practise needs to be built up gradually in order for the adept to easily assimilate the mental, physical and emotional changes .
The yogi needs a good teacher whose qualification is first hand experience with kundalini.
Without proper preparation adepts could well end up empowering the darker side of their nature, developing a demonic persona .
Adepts without proper training can suffer from obsession, sexual perversion, emotional turmoil, lack of compassion or love, extreme mood swings, depression,  lack of intelligence, mental, emotional and nervous breakdowns, organ tissue damage, brain damage, multiple personas and other psychic problems. On the other hand, correct arousal of kundalini is a blissful event, enhancing creativity and opening the adept to previously hidden talents. Once the energy is in full flow it is important to utilise it to prevent stagnation.
Kundalini yoga is a vast subject and most information available is often quite obscure. For that all these reasons, a good teacher is essential.

Extract from the forthcoming book "Yoga and Kundalini for the modern yogi" by Thomas Hilary Ogram. Author available for counselling for kundalini, excess release syndrome and workshops.